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LinkTree vs Carrd (Compare)

Carrd vs LinkTree

When choosing a website builder for your needs, it’s essential to consider factors like functionality, design, and user-friendliness. In this guide, we’ll compare two popular options: LinkTree and Carrd. ✅ … Read more

Why Use Carrd?

Carrd Dashboard

Talking to a friend the other night. He asked me…”What do people use Carrd for?“ ✅ Simply – cost and convenience. I use Carrd because it’s a fast and easy … Read more

3 Tools I Use for Working With Images on the Web

Tools & Resources for Web Designers

http://Photopea.com – Basically free Photoshop. http://remove.bg – Remove image backgrounds automatically in 5 seconds with just one click. http://tinypng.com – Make your website faster. Reduce images by 50-80%. Craig LeontowiczWeb … Read more

5 Carrd Inspo and Website Examples

Carrd Inspo and Website Examples

Discover the versatility and creativity of Carrd through inspiring examples of real-world websites.

From OurBabyAI’s innovative AI-based landing page to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s engaging lead magnet, these Carrd examples showcase the platform’s capability to create impactful one-page websites.

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Carrd Affiliate Referral Program

Carrd Referral Program Dashboard

As a seasoned web developer who’s been captivated by Carrd’s capabilities, I’m excited to introduce you to an incredible opportunity – the Carrd Referral Program. Carrd Referral Code: TEMPELD Use … Read more

Web Design Resources & Freebies

Web Design Resources Freebies

For design assets when designing Carrd templates I will use a number of third-party resources for photos, icons, illustrations, logos, etc. These are the sites I use and credit to … Read more