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Carrd Affiliate Referral Program

As a seasoned web developer who’s been captivated by Carrd’s capabilities, I’m excited to introduce you to an incredible opportunity – the Carrd Referral Program.

Carrd Referral Code: TEMPELD

Use this referral link to sign up to Carrd – https://try.carrd.co/tempeld

Are you already impressed by what Carrd can do? Well, brace yourself for something even more enticing. Picture this:

🚀 30% Commissions: With the Referral Program, every Pro upgrade or renewal that springs from your personalized link earns you a handsome 30% commission. That’s your expertise paying off in more ways than one!

📈 Invest in Your Success: Your hard-earned commissions can be directed towards upgrading your Carrd plan or even snagging those essential inventory items you’ve had your eye on. This is your chance to enhance your toolkit.

💼 For All Walks of Developers: This program is the perfect fit whether you’re a seasoned coding pro, an up-and-coming entrepreneur, or a passionate influencer. Carrd believes in rewarding every type of user.

💰 Zero Hassle, All Gain: The best part? There are zero fees, and no hoops to jump through. Just an opportunity to amplify your rewards while doing what you do best – building and creating.

Don’t let this chance slip by. Dive into the Referral Program and let your expertise pave the way to even greater success with Carrd. Join the program, share your link, and watch your rewards grow – it’s a win-win for both your projects and your pockets!

What Does a Carrd Referral Code Do?

Participate in the Carrd Referral Program and receive a 30% commission on Pro upgrades and renewals that are generated using your unique referral link.

The proceeds generated from this initiative can be utilized to cover the costs of upgrading your plan, acquiring items for your inventory, or can be conveniently withdrawn upon request.

How to Join the Carrd Referral Program and Become an Affiliate?

  1. Join Carrd for Free ➞
  2. Open the Dashboard
  3. Click your Account avatar in the corner
  4. In the sidebar, click Referral Program.
  5. Click Join Referral Program
  6. Confirm that you want to do this by checking the confirmation checkbox, and confirm that you’ve also read and agreed to the referral program’s terms of use.
  7. Click Join Referral Program
  8. You’re done!

Change and customize your Carrd referral link to match your name and branding.

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